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ActionScript, Bikinis and YouTube

Pussycat, pussycat, where are you?
Wednesday 16 September 2009.

I’ve just published a few videos on YouTube. I realise that I’ll be going into competition with such erudite gems as ‘Burping Bikini Girl’ and ’10 Cutest Cat Moments’ but, hey, that’s show business!

I can’t claim that my artistic aspirations reach for the heights of the aforementioned videos. My efforts are dedicated to the rather more mundane subject of programming ActionScript with Adobe’s Flex Framework. If this is of interest to you - and assuming you have sufficient self-discipline to keep away from the numerous other attractions on YouTube - you can find them here:


I’ll have more to say about my experiences in creating, editing, uploading and promoting YouTube videos later on. Maybe in one of my next tutorials I should try to get a girl in a bikini to burp? Or maybe a burping cat in a bikini would set YouTube-iverse alight? Hmm, now that’s an idea!

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