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Adventures In ActionScript

ByteArrays and beyond
Wednesday 2 March 2011.

If you are a regular reader of Flash&Flex Developer’s Magazine you may be familiar with the ActionScript programming columns which I write for it.

If you aren’t, I’d recommend that you download this month’s copy. Not only for my article but also because this magazine is a first rate resource for Flash platform programmers and, best of all, it’s free!

The series I am writing in FFD magazine goes further into the nitty-gritty details of writing an adventure game. I’ve previously written a couple of articles on this topic in Bitwise. The FFD series will go into far greater depth, however, and introduces topics that will be of interest to ActionScript coders even if you don’t happen to be as game-obsessed as I am!

My Adventures In ActionScript column this month is devoted to the mysteries of serialization to allow you to save and restore custom object types to and from disk. Other features include articles about creating custom visual classes, file handling with PHP and ActionScript 3.0, test-driven development, strategies for enterprise Flex application, 3D in Flash plus a number of reviews and interviews.

Download FFD Mag from their site: http://ffdmag.com.

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