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learn aikido in north devon

Learn Aikido in North Devon


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Aikido in North Devon

Yes, I have a life beyond...
Friday 2 March 2012.

I’m a bit behind schedule with Bitwise at the moment...

Partly that’s because I run a software company, partly it’s because I write books and teach programming courses. But it’s also because I’ve been busy setting up a new Aikido club in North Devon, UK. Yes, I teach aikido too in, er, my "spare time". Anyway, if you live anywhere near where I teach, I’d love to see you. If not, well, normal Bitwise service will be resumed as soon as possible... ;-)

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  • Aikido in North Devon
    6 March 2012, by Brad

    huw- Ive studied Aikido (just read about it). Its a beautiful non violent art where you subdue your opponent. What is your dojo like? Do you do weapons training?

    • Aikido in North Devon
      6 March 2012, by Huw Collingbourne

      This is a new club. We are fortunate that the council is sponsoring us so we’ve been able to invest in good mats. As the club is new, I would imagine that most of the students will be learning from the ground up. So, unless some more experienced people join us, we won’t normally do weapon training at the outset. If we do have more experienced people, I can arrange for other nights on which we can do weapon training. Are you local to us?


      • Aikido in North Devon
        6 March 2012, by Brad

        Huw- no, Im american currently in Seattle. I do plan on moving to Malaysia to study this fall so I may be able to learn martial arts from the chinese population there