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Amethyst Adobe Flex/ActionScript IDE Beta 4

Phew! I’m exhausted!
Tuesday 24 March 2009.

Developing software can be tiring but launching it is truly exhausting.

OK, so this is not The Big Launch. It’s ‘just’ a beta. But even so, tying up all the loose ends, testing all the new features and making sure that we haven’t accidentally screwed up the old features - in short moving from an internal build to a public release - never ceases to be a traumatic business. If you’ve been through this process with your own software you’ll understand what I mean. If you haven’t, take my advice: stay well clear of a software developer on release day!

Anyway, my company shipped the latest version of Amethyst, our Visual Studio IDE for developing Flex, AIR and ActionScript projects today.

New features include:

- auto expanding snippets
- a dedicated snippet editor
- context-sensitive help
- IntelliSense and project management improvements

These are in addition to existing features such as:

- drilldown debugging
- configurable code formatting
- code colouring and collapsing (etc.)

If you are an existing Flex developer you can import your projects or ‘convert’ them to allow you to share code with another editor or IDE such as Adobe’s Flex Builder or Flash IDE. If you are learning ActionScript or Flex, you might want to download a copy of Amethyst and follow along with my ActionScript tutorial series here on Bitwise.

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