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Delphi For Visual Studio

They Said They Wouldn’t Now They Say They Will!
Monday 6 October 2008.

Apparently, CodeGear (the company that used to be Borland before splitting off any being bought up by Embarcadero) has said that they will launch a version of Delphi (Pascal) to be hosted in Visual Studio.

This is odd, since previously, when Le Monde Informatique reported that CodeGear were planning a Delphi for Visual Studio and I translated bits of that report here on Bitwise, the Delphi product manager, Nick Hodges posted a comment to my article stating: “The French article is totally false. We have no such plans.”

The Editor of Le Monde Informatique at the time, stood by his journalist but CodeGear were insistent, saying that they denied “any intention of using the Visual Studio platform”. Nick Hodges, meanwhile, waxed lyrical on the subject (his original blog entry is no longer online but I still have some quotes from it and you can find the original archived by the Wayback Machine): “We are not even contemplating such a thing. We aren’t doing it. It’s not happening. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent." In other words, nope, a Delphi For Visual Studio most definitely was beyond the realms of possibility.

And now what do we hear? Nick Hodges (yes the same one who said “We are not even contemplating such a thing. We aren’t doing it. It’s not happening. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent.") has announced that the next release of Delphi on the .NET platform will be hosted inside the Visual Studio Shell!

Well, I’ll be...!

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait for Delphi Prism, RemObjects already has a Pascal language implementation called Oxygene (formerly known as ‘Chrome’) in Visual Studio: http://www.remobjects.com/.

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  • Delphi For Visual Studio
    27 November 2008, by JaSamJa

    Oxygene is Delphi Prism plus some other CodeGear things , CodeGear licensed Oxygene from RemObjects

  • Delphi For Visual Studio
    8 October 2008, by John Wilfong

    Could be that with a different owner came different plans.

    • Delphi For Visual Studio
      8 October 2008

      Highly likely, I think. I’ve been digging into this a bit more since writing this blog entry. I hope to have the ’inside story’ in detail in the near future.

      best wishes