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Delphi Study Guide

Check out the Bitwise Delphi features for coders of all levels…
Tuesday 5 September 2006.

Delphi is a powerful programming system with an excellent, tightly integrated development environment that gives you a large toolset for designing a user interface, editing code and debugging the application. Now the Borland Developer Tools Group has released free versions of Delphi called Turbo Delphi Explorer (download from http://www.turboexplorer.com/). These come in two versions – one for .NET development and another for Win32. There are also editions of Turbo Explorer for C++ (Win32) and C# (.NET).

This month in Bitwise, we are beginning a series of features aimed at newcomers to Delphi programming. We shall concentrate on the ‘traditional’ version of Delphi For Win32 whose heritage stretches back over ten years to the original Delphi for Windows.

In fact, Delphi’s ancestry can be traced to earlier Borland Pascal programming products such as Borland Pascal For Windows, and the Turbo Pascal compiler for MS DOS. The first version of Turbo Pascal was released in 1981 and was designed and programmed by Anders Hejlsberg who is currently Microsoft’s lead architect of C#.

If you have never used Delphi before, download Turbo Delphi Explorer and follow our step-by-step tutorial...
- Introduction to the Delphi environment.
Once you’ve done that, follow the first in a new series of articles which will take you through the fundamentals of...
- Programming with Delphi’s Object Pascal.

Incidentally, if you are already an experienced Delphi programmer, bear in mind that there are already more advanced Delphi programming tutorials on Bitwise including:

- How to write a Screen-capture Utility
- Program a drag-and-drop application launch pad
- Write a Delphi Program Manager
- Develop a Blog with Delphi .NET

We also have a review of Delphi and the Borland Developer Studio 2006, an interview with Delphi’s Chief Scientist, Allen Bauer and both a video and audio interview with Borland’s Vice President of Developer Relations, David Intersimone.

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