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Ten chapters down, ten to go...
Friday 26 September 2008.

Yes, I do have a life beyond Bitwise, honest! Most of it is taken up with my company, SapphireSteel Software.

Not only am I involved in the design and programming of ‘Ruby In Steel’ our Ruby On Rails IDE but also in a number of other interesting little projects such as a new programming language called Sapphire for Microsoft’s Dynamic language Runtime on .NET and a completely new product called Amethyst which we’ll be launching early in 2009.

And then there is The Book Of Ruby. This started out, some years ago, as a learning project: I was learning Ruby and so I decided to write hundreds of little Ruby programs to help me dig into all the obscure little corners of the language. Having written those programs, I decided to write a little eBook, The Little Book Of Ruby to help other people get to grips with the basics of Ruby. But soon I realised that the ‘Little Book’ still only skimmed over the surface of what is, in my view (and contrary to many people’s expectations) rather a complicated language. That’s when I decided to expand the little book into a big book called, simple, The Book Of Ruby.

Over the past few months I’ve been continually revising The Book Of Ruby, uploading each revision when it is ready. Yesterday I put the latest version online. It now has ten chapters in 211 pages and comes with a source code archive containing 168 ready-to-run Ruby programs. It’s a free PDF eBook so if you have any interest in the Ruby language, you may as well download a copy.

Me? I think I may take the afternoon off.. ;-)

- Go To Download Page for The Book Of Ruby

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