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Google hires ’smarter cats’

Dumb moggies need not apply
Monday 23 October 2006.

There’s an interesting take on Google from long time Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley. Google seems to be in the process of heading from being everyone’s favourite software company to a basket case.

Google has 45-46 separate products at the last count - but only one of them makes any money. The rest of them are way under water - fairly characteristic of a company with too much money to spend. Google Earth might be a fine and wonderful thing. But does it add a cent to the bottom line? I think not.

I’m not in favour of large hierarchical corporations - I worked in a couple and I don’t want to do it again, thanks. But beyond a certain size, you just have to have management. Sooner or later, Google is going to understand that. The only variable is how much shareholders’ cash they will blow before realising it.

Smarter cats are not the answer.

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