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Headless Corpses, Hallucinogenic Horseflies and Keyboard Fluff

Thrilling adventures in computer cleaning
Saturday 23 October 2010.

I don’t generally plug other publications on Bitwise. However, for IT Expert I’m prepared to make an exception. And all in the name of fluff!

IT Expert is a print magazine that can also be read online here: http://www.itexpertmag.com. Maybe I’m biased but I happen to think that the best bit is the ongoing saga of ‘Dirtection Inc.’ – the story of a crime-solving computer keyboard fluff specialist. OK, so I suppose I’d better admit to a personal interest in Direction Inc., since I’m the person who writes it.

Anyway, the first series starts here: “If it hadn’t been for the piece of fluff, the whole business with the horseflies, the vicar and the postmistress might have turned out very differently...” You can read through all eight thrill-packed episodes online.

And if you can stand even more excitement, a new series of just started: “In the dealing room of an international bank it is not be unusual to see three men sitting at computer terminals in the early hours of the morning. There was, however, one unusual feature about the three men in the photograph which Sir Eldritch Grubbit, senior partner of Grubbit, Grubbit and Pring, had just handed to me: their heads were missing...”

Start reading The Case Of the Headless Corpses here.

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