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Kindle, Bookmarks and Frustration

Can’t this be easier?
Monday 7 March 2011.

Just following on from my last Blog post...

I’ve finally cracked it! Those pesky Go To links in Kindle eBooks. They are simple to do once you know how. But find out the trick was not so easy. I spent a lot of time around web forums on which people were complaining that they couldn’t get their Table Of Contents links to work when readers clicked the Go menu. From what I’ve read, it seems that some people can’t get those links to work and others can. Unfortunately, I was in the former group.

There are a few tricks to this - for one thing, don’t edit the original document, edit the copy that Mobipocket Creator (an eBook generator) makes; and for another thing, set up the Groups (the links and anchors) before building the final book.

Look, this is a bit complicated to explain. If you are a Kindle author or think you’d like to be one, I have a separate Blog devoted to ePublishing. My latest article explains how to create a fully working Table Of Contents in gruesome detail.

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