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Learn C# Special Offer - save $60!

But only until Christmas!
Tuesday 11 December 2012.

Learn C# the fastest, simplest way with my in-depth interactive course on Udemy - sign up today and save a massive $60!!!!

Normally $99. But sign up now and you can gain access to my C# programming course for just $39. If you want to get started, just click this link: http://www.udemy.com/learn-c-sharp-...

C# is the default language for programming Microsoft .NET. But did you know you can also run it on a Mac under OS X? Here’s a short video to explain how.

C# programmers are always in demand. If you want to break into the programming business or extend your existing programming knowledge, my C# course will give you a quick and easy way into .MET (or Mono) programming with C#.

My C# Programming course (in ten easy steps) gives you all this:
-  Over 3.5 hours of video
-  Code archive and eBook
-  Basics of C# and .NET
-  Cross-platform coding, Windows or Mac OS X
-  Functions, methods and arguments
-  Object Orientation and class hierarchies
-  File-handling and data streaming
-  Exception-handling and debugging
-  Generic collections
-  How to start writing a text adventure game!

If you sign up today, you can get this $99 for just $39, a massive 60% saving. But you’ll need to be quick. This offer lasts till Christmas Day only.

Sign up NOW for just $39: http://www.udemy.com/learn-c-sharp-...

For more information on this and other programming courses, see Bitwise Learn To Program.

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