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Pyrenean Mountain Dog Pups

The softest type of software...
Sunday 3 May 2009.

I’ve been using my old Hewlett-Packard laptop recently, sitting here on the table in my kitchen. It’s been a while since I used it and its 16Gb disk is no longer quite as massive as once it seemed. How time flies!

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was sitting here in the kitchen with the same HP portable to look after my new pup, Bethan. At that time 16Gb seemed massive. In fact, that was about four years ago and now Bethan (a beautiful Pyrenean Mountain Dog or ‘Great Pyrenees’) is sitting here surrounded by her own pups and I’m hard pressed to get all the software I need installed onto this ‘tiny’ 16Gb hard disk! It took me a whole day to install all the latest updates to Windows, Visual Studio and MSDN, and by that time the disk had precious little free space left.

The reason for my decamping from my office into my kitchen is shown below...

As I mentioned before, Bethan had her pups a couple of weeks ago. This followed a brief but meaningful relationship with an American dog called Murphy (or ‘Rivergroves Murphy-Goode’ when he’s being formal) back in February.

This is the first time she’s had pups and the first time that I’ve had to cope with them. It’s an interesting, if time consuming, experience. Over the past couple of days the pups have been transformed from helpless squirming balls of fluff into small and mobile creatures with ambitions to take over the kitchen, the house and then, presumably, the world.

Anyway, this all has nothing to do with the stuff I normally write about here. But, what the heck, the pictures are prettier than software! ;-)

If you want to see more pictures of Bethan and her pups, go to my Pyrenean Mountain Dog site: http://pyr.darkneon.com. I warn you, however, that it’s entirely possible that I may slip the odd photo into my blog here from time to time, too...

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