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The Book Of Ruby - Free Ruby eBook

Ruby Programming Tutorial
Thursday 15 May 2008.

I guess quite a few Bitwise readers (in the UK, at any rate) know me best for the innumerable programming tutorials which I’ve written over the years in PC Plus, PC Pro, PC Answers, PC Magazine, Computer Shopper and various other magazines...

I now have a software company to run and spend much of my time actually writing software instead of writing about it. Even so, I haven’t completely given up writing programming tutorials. A while ago, I released a free eBook called The Little Book Of Ruby, which covers the essential features of Ruby programming in ten chapters.

I am now going through the final revision of a much bigger book called, simple, The Book Of Ruby. In over 400 pages and 20 chapters this will take you from ‘Hello world’ right into some of the inner details of Ruby metaprogramming, threads, blocks and iterators, Rails, regular expressions and all manner of other things besides. I am releasing the book for free and it will go online one chapter at a time (the first draft of the entire book already exists but I want to revise and check each chapter before releasing it) along with all the source code for each example program.

Whether or not you’ve followed any of my tutorials before, I hope you may find something of interest in this latest one.

- Introduction To The Book Of Ruby
- The Book Of Ruby
- The Little Book Of Ruby

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