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Tweeting At Last

OK, so I finally gave in...
Friday 21 May 2010.

I’ve been on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and various other ’social networks’ but, up to now, I have never ’tweeted’.

Yesterday, I finally gave in. It turns out that even my older and (I had always thought!) less trendy brother (I believe he still wears elastic-sided winkle-picker shoes) is on Twitter. So I decide the time had finally come to throw in the towel and get tweeting.

No idea what I’ll tweet about. The restriction to 140 characters per tweet seems rather onerous. As regular readers of my ramblings here and elsewhere will no doubt know, once I get started, there ain’t no stopping me.

A Facebook friend reminded me that I have already had good practice at writing in bite-sized chunks as I have been a long-time contributor to a couple of Facebook story-writing apps which limit authors to contributing three words at a time; then another writer has to write another three words and so on.

Ah well, just in case you should be so thrill-starved that you feel inclined to read my twitterings, you can find me here: http://twitter.com/huwcol

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