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Windows 8 Goes on the Attack!

A First Look
Saturday 4 June 2011.

For a while, it’s seemed as if Microsoft OSes have been a case of "once more, with feeling".

Windows XP was fine. Windows Vista was, um, well, somewhat less than impressive. Windows 7 was what Vista should have been. In short, the last three versions of Windows have been functional but rather mundane operating systems that have tweaked and retweaked but not exactly set the world ablaze...

Windows 8 is different. The first thing to say about it is that it doesn’t even look like Windows. The second thing to say is that Microsoft is clearly aiming to bridge the gap between the desktop and mobile devices. At this early date, I have no view on whether or not they will succeed and whether or not Windows 8 will be a great new OS. All I can say for sure is that it certainly looks interesting. See what you think...

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