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Huw Collingbourne :: Editor
Huw has worked in the publishing industry for more than twenty years. He has written for many of the best known computer titles in the UK including Computer Shopper, PC Pro and PC Plus. For ten years, he wrote the Delphi programming column for PC Plus. He has also written columns and tutorials on the C#, Java and C++ languages. He has at various times been both a magazine publisher and editor. He has written online columns for AOL and both scripted and presented features on the history of computing for BBC television. He is one of the best known computer columnists in the UK, having written the popular ‘Rants and Raves’ opinion column monthly since March 1988. This column originally appeared in Computer Shopper and later migrated to PC Plus. The ‘Rants and Raves’ column has its own web site at www.rantsandraves.co.uk and, more recently, has mutated into a Bitwise blog. Huw is Director of Technology of SapphireSteel Software, makers of the Ruby In Steel and Amethyst IDEs.

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