Tuesday 16 June 2015

C Programming Top 10 Tips

I just published an article for C programmers over on the Udemy eLearning site. This gives ten programming tips as follows:
  1. Function pointers
  2. Variable-length argument lists
  3. Bit-manipulation
  4. Short-circuit operators
  5. Ternary operators
  6. Stacks (pushing and popping)
  7. Fast data-copying 
  8. Testing for header inclusion
  9. Correct use of parentheses
  10. Using arrays as addresses

Learn C Online

If you want to learn C programming you may also be interested in my course (8 hours of teaching plus all source code and an eBook). Hint: If you are quick and you click THIS LINK you can enrol on my course for a very big discount. But this deal ends at the end of June, so don't hang around!

The C program code for all the tips can be downloaded from Udemy. Here it's loaded into NetBeans

More C - coming soon...