Tuesday 6 November 2018

Programming Mega Deal

25+ Programming Courses and eBooks MEGA DEAL

I’ve got news of a massive deal on programming tutorials. It's called: The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack, and it comes courtesy of Cary Richards at Infostack.io.

The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack is a collection of 25+ premium ecourses, bestselling ebooks, and resources that will help programmers:

Learn a wide range of today’s most popular (and lucrative) languages and frameworks, including everything from Python, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby, to HTML, CSS, and Kotlin…

Discover how to build APIs, websites, and iOS and Android applications from scratch
Master the soft skills you need to become ‘Coder Complete’

This great value bundles also includes one of my own courses: “Break Into The Programming Business” which gives you a quick overview of the programming languages, jargon and technologies that you need to understand when you move into the professional world of software development.

If you bought all the courses in this bundle one by one, it would cost you over $1,300. This deal lets you buy all the courses for a single payment of just $47.95, which is tremendous value.
To get this bundle, sign up here: