Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Learn To Program Delphi and Object Pascal

I'm starting a new YouTube series on Delphi programming. In the course of the series I will explain how to design and code a collapsible outliner utility (for brainstorming, TODO lists, password management, project planning and so on).

Eventually my outliner will let you create trees of headings and subheadings, you will be able to drag and drop branches to reposition them and even attach formatted notes to each branch. If you’ve never programmed Delphi before this will be a great way to discover this wonderful development tool for Object Pascal programming. If you already program in Delphi, it will give you an insight into using the TreeView component and saving and loading complex data to and from disk. And, best of all, you’ll end up creating a genuinely valuable tool.

In this first lesson, I give an overview of Delphi and tell you how you can download a free copy.

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